The Mask is the main antagonist in The Yugioh Real Life Series. His true identity has yet to be seen and very little is known about him. Yucudo refers to him in episode 2 as a mad man.

Appearance Edit

The Mask is often seen wearing dark clothing with a black cape and hood and a white faceless mask. His clothing tends to change in each of is appearances, most likely due to him controlling different bodies each time.

Personality Edit

The Mask has a ruthless personality. Often defeating duelists with no mercy to take control of their minds and use him for his evil schemes.

Decks Edit

The Mask is seen using many different types of decks. Most likely because of he is controlling different people each time he duels.

  • Infernity Deck (Used in Episode 3 against Jace)
  • DARK deck (used in Episode 3 while controlling Jace)
  • Dinosaur Deck (Used in Episode 4 while controlling Yoshido)
  • Zombie Deck (Used in Episode 6 against Yucudo)

Trivia Edit

He may be responsible for the death of Yucudo's parents however, this has yet to be confirmed.

His motivations are very confusing. First he says he wants to fight for dueling to be legal again, then he wants to destroy other people's decks, then it's revealed he was the one who sabbotaged the duel disks to hurt people thus causing the whole conflict.